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Information [Sep. 30th, 2006 at 0:37]
  • Prices are in USD and don't include shipping.
  • No price posted = send me an offer.
  • You're welcome to make an offer if you think the price is too high, but do not lowball.
  • At this time no holding for anyone.
  • Discount for buying multiple items.
  • Note that you are ordering used books, please inquire about the condition before ordering.
  • Once you agree to the total price let me know your email so I could contact you in order to finalize the deal or email me at nknbkt@tlen.pl

  • Cash (send at your own risk or for pickup orders), cashier checks, Paypal.
  • Paypal fees are to be covered by buyers.
  • Right now I only ship in the USA.
  • Once the items leave my hands I don't take any responsibility for any loss or damage.
  • Items are shipped only after receiving the payment.
  • Items are shipped from Los Angeles, California and can be picked up in that area.

  • All books are original, no bootlegs at all.
  • I have 100% positive feedbacks on ebay and will provide proof when requested.
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